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Precision Part Locators (Shot Pin Cylinders)


BTM's Precision Part Locators are ideal for locating production material and are used in a variety of manufacturing areas including automotive & refrigeration. Our Precision Part Locators are commonly featured in welding applications, however, they can be used anytime your production needs require locating precision holes including clamping and fixturing.

  • Shot Pin Type Actuator
  • Mounts to same pattern as STC Clamps (N.A.A.M.S.)
  • One Piece Body. Integral Cylinder with heavy wall
  • Oval or Round Piston Designs
  • Sealed Mechanism Lubricated for Life
  • Non-Rotating Rod
  • Optional Prefitted Proximity Switches
  • Lightweight, Compact Design.



    ppl_big ppl_big2 ppl_3_big





    ppl52_thumb ppl62_thumb ppl62c_thumb
    PPL-52 PPL-62 CPPL-62
    Bore Ø 52mm [2.0"] 62mm [2.5"] 62mm [2.5"]
    Retract Force @ 5.5 BAR [80 PSI] 934N [210lbs] 1512N [340lbs] 1312N [295lbs]
    Extend Force @ 5.5 BAR [80 PSI]
    1001N [225lbf]
    1557N [350lbs]
    1557N [350lbs]
    ±0° 4'
    ±0° 4'
    ±0° 30'
    Approx. Weight 4.3kg [9.5lbs]
    5.5kg [12lbs]
    3.4kg [7.5lbs]


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